Academic Features

As of the 2023-24 academic year, 25 departments (including 21 Masters', 9 Work-experience Masters’ and 2 Doctoral program), 5 Specialized Degree Programs, 1 Master’s Program in an independent graduate school, and 1 Work-experience Masters’ Program are being offered through the 8 Schools operating on Taoyuan Campus. Currently 10,599 students are divided into 273 class sections (205 undergraduate sections and 68 Masters’ Program sections) over the whole campus (including 9,704 undergraduate students and 895 graduate students).

School of Design

(5 departments, 1 Specialized Degree Program, 5 Masters' Programs, 2 Work-experience Masters’ Programs, and a doctoral program)

Five departments, each with graduate programs, comprise the School of Design, including Urban Planning and Disaster Management, Digital Media Design, Commercial Design, Product Design and Architecture. In addition, a doctoral program is offered in Urban Planning and Disaster Management and a cross-disciplinary bachelor’s program is offered in Animation and Comic Creative Industries Design.

School of Education and Applied Languages

(4 departments, 3 Masters’ Programs, 3 Work-experience Masters’ Programs, 1 independent Graduate School and a doctoral program)

3 Work-experience Masters’ Programs, 1 independent Graduate School and a doctoral program) Four departments, three with graduate programs, and the independent Graduate School of Education are in the School of Education and Applied Languages as follows: Applied Chinese Department, Applied English Department, Applied Japanese Department, and Teaching Chinese as a Second Language Department. The Applied Chinese Department also offers a doctoral program.

School of Tourism

(3 departments, 1 Master’s Program and 1 Work-experience Master's Program)

The School of Tourism comprises Tourism Department with Master’s Program and Work-experience Master's Program , Leisure and Recreation Management Department, and Hospitality Management Department.

School of Information Technology

(5 departments, 5 Masters’ Programs and 1 Work-experience Master's Program)

Five departments, each with a master’s program, comprise the School of Information Technology: Information Management Department, Applied Artificial Intelligence, Computer Science and Information Engineering Department, Electronic Engineering Department, and Information and Telecommunication Engineering Department.

School of Health and Medical Engineering

(3 departments, 2 Master’s Programs)

The School of Health Technology includes Biotechnology Department with master’s program, Healthcare Information and Management Department with master’s program, and Biomedical Engineering Department.

School of Social Sciences

(3 departments, 3 Masters’ Programs and 3 Work-experience Masters’ Programs)

Three departments, each with two sections of graduate programs, comprise the School of Social Sciences: Department of Public Affairs and Administration (renamed from Public Affairs Department since August 1, 2022), Counseling and Clinical and Industrial /Organizational Psychology Department, and Criminal Justice Department.

International College

(3 Specialized Degree Programs)

International College programs on Taoyuan Campus include: Specialized Degree Programs in International Affairs and Diplomacy, Travel and Tourism, and Information Technology and Management.

School of Financial Technology

(2 departments, 1 Specialized Degree Program and 3 Masters’ Programs)

The School of Financial Technology includes two departments, each with a graduate program, include Applied Statistics and Information Science Department and Economics and Finance Department. In addition, a cross-disciplinary Specialized Degree Program and Master’s Program in Financial Technology Applications Program is offered.

Campus Features

At present, there are sixteen buildings on campus, including Design Building, Tourism and Languages Building, Library and Administration Building, Gymnasium, Gymnasium II, Information Building, Financial Technology Building, Technology Building, Social Sciences Building, Comprehensive Teaching Building, Computer Network Building, Restaurants, Student Dormitories I, II and III, and International Dormitory. The Teaching Hotel, Arts Center and Leisure Area are in Dormitory III. The stadium, with a four-hundred meter track, was completed for use in 2001. In September 2005, after Gymnasium II was finished in Chengkung area, the space for students’ activities has been further expanded.

The Design Building primarily houses the School of Design, the first and second floors are for the School of Design to display their works, and serves as their workrooms. The rest of the building comprises professional classrooms, studios and offices for every department and the Practice Factory.